Milo’s Makes a Difference

More than 75 years after we were founded by Milo Carlton, we are still a family-owned company. Today, we are also a Certified Women Owned business and a Platinum Certified Zero Waste Manufacturer. We are committed to creating opportunities for prosperity and protecting our planet for future generations.

Do you have a nonprofit or 501C3 organization we can help support?

Details about our Profit Pledge below.

1% Profit Pledge:

1% of our Annual Profits to Community Causes

We believe even a small portion of profits can make a big difference in our communities. That’s why we donate at least 1% of our annual profits annually to organizations pursuing Education and Advancement for All, Protecting Our Planet for Future Generations, and to Community Disaster Relief.

Product Donations:

Sparking Delicious Joy

Our purpose at Milo’s is sparking joy every day. We call those Milo’s Moments. Through our Purposeful Partnerships, Milo’s donates more than 200,000 servings of tea each year to emergency feeding, disaster relief organizations, and nonprofit fundraising events. We empower our remarkable sales TEAm to extend our giving to every corner of America.


Milo’s Employee Contributions to Causes

We believe our TEAm members should also support missions close to their hearts. We empower each associate with $100 annually to donate to nonprofit partners of their choice. We call that Milo’s Makes a Difference Dollars (or Milo’s MMAD $ for short).

Volunteer Time Off

We believe the donation of time and talent is one of the most impactful ways to give. That’s why we offer paid time off for volunteerism to augment our commitment to Milo’s community causes. We organize annual company-wide volunteer events and offer each associate an additional eight hours annually to volunteer for the cause of their choice.