Product Donation Request

Responsibility is a core value at Milo’s. One way we do this is giving back to the communities we serve and our associates with refreshing, 100% natural Milo’s.

To request your Milo’s, please complete this online form.

Due to the high volume of requests, not every donation can be filled. To be eligible, you must be a charity, school, religious institution or similar organization, and you must submit your request at least 10 days in advance of the date that you need your Milo’s. You must also be able to keep the drinks refrigerated prior to and during the event.

Walk through our online form to learn more about Milo’s donations to see if you qualify.

Milo’s tastes so good because it is fresh-brewed and contains no preservatives. This means that it must stay refrigerated until it is consumed.

Organization Name: Event Name: Parent Organization (if applicable): Please tell us about your event in detail (purpose, activities offered, etc.): Event Address: Event City: Event State: Event Zip: Event Date (yyyy-mm-dd): Total People Expected at Event: Organization: ReligiousEducationalCharityOther
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Can you pick up your donation from our Bessemer, AL facility on a weekday between the hours of 1pm – 3pm?

If your donation is approved, you will receive further instructions via email regarding the pick-up location.

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How will Milo’s Drinks be served at your event and to whom?Will any other beverages be served at your event?NoYes
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