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Frequently asked questions

Caffeine Content

Milo’s Product Amount of Caffeine per 8oz serving
Famous Sweet Tea 25-30mg
Famous Unsweet Tea 25-30mg
Zero Calorie Sweet Tea 25-30mg
Decaf Sweet Tea 4mg
Milo’s Sweet Tea and Lemonade 20mg

Do I really need to keep my Milo’s refrigerated?

Yes. Milo’s tastes so good because it is fresh-brewed and contains no preservatives. This means that it must stay refrigerated until it is consumed, as indicated on the label.

How can I get Milo’s in my local store?

If Milo’s is not available in your favorite store, ask the store manager to carry it for you. You can download our product request card and return it to your favorite store or contact your favorite retailer through their website or facebook page. Click here for our product request card.

Can I order Milo’s via phone or the Internet?

Milo’s is different because we do not use preservatives or added acids in any of our beverages. Because of this, Milo’s must be refrigerated at all times. Shipping refrigerated products is extremely costly. You can help get Milo’s locally by requesting it at your favorite store! Click here for our product request card and return it to the manager at your favorite store.

Milo’s Product Donations

COVID-19 Update: To ensure our employees’ safety, we are suspending our online donation requests. Please refer to our COVID-19 UPDATE for more details of what Milo’s is doing to protect both our employees and consumers.

Employment Opportunities

Please see our careers page for available positions and online applications

Does Milo’s contain nuts or have a chance of cross contamination with nuts?

No. All Milo’s beverages are produced in a nut-free facility. In fact, we maintain a strict allergen control policy as part of our comprehensive Quality Assurance programs to ensure that there are none of the big eight allergens allowed in processing areas.

Does Milo’s contain gluten?

No. All Milo’s products are gluten free.

Conventional Mail:

Milo’s Tea Company, Inc.
Consumer Relations Department
3112 Dublin Lane
Bessemer, AL 35022

Phone: 205.424.4284
Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m Central Standard Time

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