Back in the day, granddaddy Edward and his brothers (K.D., Luke and Freeman) always made sweet tea for family and church functions in silver urns that they used back when they worked at the local branch of a large milk company.
While drinking iced tea, they’d tell stories of the war and how after they came home and were the first from our community to work for the milk company. They all eventually retired(pins and watches all around) and continued being active in local sports programs and deacons at church.

The story continues as Milo’s Tea reminds me of Granddaddy and Grandmama on holidays. Her food and his tea were delicious.

Milo’s flavor is genuinely the good old fashioned southern sweet tea I grew up drinking. My ultimate Milo’s moment came when at the last Christmas Dinner we had, my mom actually pulled jugs of Milo’s out of the Frigidaire, poured them into pitchers and took them directly to the table. There were no additions except ice and lemon wedges for people who wanted them. Now THAT was Cynthia‘s seal of approval! That was truly a MILO’S moment for me!