I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in February and had to change a lot of my eating and drinking decisions because of the severe pain and nausea due to the colitis. I was no longer able to drink carbonated drinks which were my favorite. So I then turned to my next favorite Turner's ice tea which has been my favorite and only tea I would drink since I was a child I am 62 now ! When I started to drink the tea I would get so nauseated and the pain in my stomach would get worse I started to cry because I had nothing else to drink and I needed to stay hydrated. My better half then said have you heard of the Milos brand of teas? When I told him no he went to the store and bought home your tea. I love the taste and the fact that it did not cause my ulceritis colitis to act up I have been drinking it faithfully ever since . Thank you for having such a great product ! I belong to a Crohn's disease/ UC disease group on Facebook and I recommend it to everyone on there that also have problems with what to drink and Milos is becoming a favorite of alot of people in this group ❣️ keep up the good work and making my life feel normal once again. Valarie Ervin.