I started drinking Milo's tea when I was a wee lad in Birmingham, AL, at the Milo's restaurant. Loved the burgers, fries and especially the tea.
Being from the south, sweet tea is a staple. Milo's is no exception.
After I moved to where there was no Milo's, sad me. Eventually, I was once again able to reconnect with my childhood. BUT…that's not the end of my story, because Milo's went beyond when they created the Tea/Lemonade mix…GAME CHANGER!!! Now with that it took me even further back to my great grandmother who use to make sweet tea with lemon in it. Milo's mixture was an exact replica of that. I had to make sure and have my mom try and and now she's hooked too!! That's all I drink…unless the store is out, then I have to get a gallon of regular and a gallon of lemonade and make my own. THANK YOU MILO'S!!