As a southerner and lover of sweet tea. I grew up as all my family did drinking tea.
As an adult I grew up to enjoy a bit of lemon in my tea and tried different brands until I settled for Lipton with lemon.
However at Walmart one day there was no Lipton & I was so unhappy.
But, what I did find was a Milo's Tea. Desperate for a tea I grabbed it and dashed for the checkout.
Once in the car I opened my tea & with Great Surprise was AmaZed at how Wonderful the Milo's Tea tasted!
It was so smooth, sweet but not to sweet. No bitterness at all!
Milo's is now on our weekly shopping list and it's are most favorite beverage.
I understand Why you're Tea has been around since 1946.
What I don't understand is How I never tried it(?).
I guess it's true,
" All good things come in time ".

Tina Broughton