I realized last year in November (2020) that after working from home for several months, I was too big for my britches. I was turning 45 in May 2021 and vowed to lose weight before my birthday. I went on the keto diet which was extremely hard to do because all I ate was cereal, bread and pasta. I ditched the soda, added sugar, carbs, even alcohol. I was dying for something sweet and my few attempts at keto donuts failed. I was also tired of drinking plain water all the time so when I saw Milo's Zero Calorie sweet tea with no calories, no carbs, no calories I thought I was dreaming! I drink one almost every day. I usually buy all of them every time I got to Walmart so I can keep them in stock at work and at home. Thank you Milo's for helping me stay on track with my keto lifestyle!!