I walked into the small store with a mission in mind. I was going to grab a cold Milos Sweet Tea to quench my thirst on a particularly hot Georgia day. I walked past the candy, then chips, and finally made it to the coolers. Past the milk, then sodas, and finally my eyes hit the sweet spot of Milos. Yet something caught my eye. A purple bottle I had never seen before that was labeled as Milos. I reached into the cool fridge and turned the bottle around to read the label, and an audible gasp left my mouth. The bottle read “Extra Sweet Tea” and my southern heart flipped. I instantly grabbed it and proceeded to the checkout line, so excited to try this drink. I got into my car, and opened the bottle. As I took my first sip, the cool drink went over my tongue and the sweet flavor exploded in my mouth. I was instantly transported back to my great grandmothers front porch, rocking on her wicker rocking chairs. This extra sweet tea tasted like it was home made in my Gran-Grans kitchen, and then bottled to be given directly to me. I was in love. I shared my experience with my parents, then my sister and her husband, and later that day I burst into my boyfriends house exclaiming my excitement over this delicacy. My life was forever changed by having extra sweet southern tea readily available to me. Thank you Milos for reaching the southern heart within me.