I went into a grocery store in Va cuz I was from out of town and running low on ice tea. Wawa hasn’t carried my tea in weeks cuz of “covid” issues being short staffed. So I had to pick up tortilla chips for or taco meal at my sisters and remembered I was almost out of my ice tea from Pa from my local grocery store. So I went down to the dairy isle and saw tea and said yeah I need tea! I saw Milo’s cuz I think I saw a post on Facebook of someone saying they Love ❤️ their ice tea. I looked at ingredients and said good no sugar, cuz I’m a diabetic. Picked up last gallon there and it is end of 2nd day and it is all gone!!!! My sister said do u ever drink water? I said yeah when I’m at work but I’m on vacation so I’m drinking tea! Bam 💥! Thanks for saving my vacation away from home!!!