Hello, I live in the small town of Prescott, Az. I have been drinking milos for about 4 years now and I’ve loved every songs sip. I discovered Milos in my local grocery store, purely because I’m always looking for a good tea I decided to give Milos a try. Best decision I ever made! I like to tell my husband it’s my secret addiction. Ever since discovering Milos, I have brought it on every trip, to every work day and I’ve had it with pretty much every meal. Along the way I’ve told many people about your product and always raved about how it was the best tea I’ve had in a long time since my grandmas sun tea. Now I fear I will never see another bottle or gallon of the sweet tea again. I’m afraid I’ve told so many people there’s no longer any left on the self and I’ve sadly had to turn to an off brand (it’s alright, and doesn’t taste bad but it’s just not Milos). I check the stores almost daily, and I always hope for the best but it seems I always miss the moment it’s restocked. As pleased as I am that my favorite tea is now everyone’s favorite tea, I miss it.
A lady who misses her tea