When I was a little girl I would always spend the summers with my grandparents. They had a small farm and I would be allowed to help them on the farm. They always told me to stay away from the cows but being from California and living in the city I never saw cows up close. One summer I visited them and I had a broken leg. I was once again reminded NOT to mess with the cows. I didn’t listen and I went out to “pet” them. They must not have liked my crutches because they started to chase after me. I just wanted to pet a cow!!! I tried to run so fast but with a cast on your leg and foot it makes running pretty difficult. I had to ditch the crutches and just save myself! I ran back to the house crying. Grandma was waiting for me with a hug but grandpa was mad and made me go fetch my crutches that I had dropped in the field. When I finally returned after retrieving my crutches my grandma had a nice cold glass of Milo’s tea and a box of tissue waiting for me! Grandma is the absolute best! Even though Grandpa made me get my crutches and yelled at me he’s still the best too! I miss them dearly but will always have fond memories of Milo’s and my grandparents.