I am an avid Yellow Milo's drinker and this last month I started regularly buying Milo's Lemonade. Not a lemonade drinker that much, I drink Tea as my only beverage for every meal, yes I said Every meal. I caught a head cold and cough that my family has been passing around this season, and on a whim I took my ice cold Milo's Tea out of the fridge and I tried the ole Arnold Palmer to see if the lemonade would help my throat. WOW what a relief it was. That lemonade was just the kicker to add to my Yellow Label Milo's and what a great flavor, and what a great result. Now I even keep the Lemonade on hand for a nice twist to my drinking pleasure. By the way the perfect mixture is 3/4 Yellow Label Milo's Tea and 1/4 Milo's Lemonade! Next time you feel that scratchy throat you will be thanking me. You're welcome!