During the years 2001-2004, I attended school at the University of West Alabama. Through friends and coworkers, and a few events, I was introduced to Milo's Burgers, and of course, Milo's Sweet Tea.

There was something about the taste of the tea … the brewing … the flavor … I always called it the 'cure for homesickness' because Milo's tea was so close to homemade …

While I was there, I had to have rather extensive surgery to remove a mass of thyroid nodules. Not a real happy time – as we waited for results and recovery. The day I got out of the hospital in Tuscaloosa, my parents, who had come up from Georgia, asked me if I was hungry.

The Milo's sign came into view. Not sure which was more appeasing the delicious burger or the ice-cold Milo's sweet tea … that tea was comfort in a cup for sure.

Since then, when I discovered that Milo's was sold at some of our chain retailers, it is still my go-to tea.

(Pictured) I love my Milo's insulated bag. It is a reminder it is time to go buy some Milo's.