So every year my daughter an l go to the Southern Womens Show in Orlando (pre Covid) and we met the nicest guy sharing Milo’s Tea, we had our sample and it was LOVE at first taste!! Wally ( the guy pouring samples) became our best friend!! We came back around for more samples when we could. Sunday is the last day of the show and Wally told us he saved us each a gallon to take home with us!!! It is the only tea l drink, if there isn’t Milo’s at my regular store l shop elsewhere! I am in PA now for a family emergency and l flew so couldn’t bring on the plane but my husband drove so he brought 2 gallons with him on the car ride for me!! My daughter loves it so much she went and became a demonstrator pouring samples at local stores on the weekend!!! I LIVE FOR MILO’S❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️