On a scorching summer afternoon I was shopping Walmart here in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Walking down the food aisles and refrigerator areas I was reminiscing about the good old single days of Long Island Iced Teas. Spending many summers in Texas at Grandmas as a child we drank powdered iced tea refreshing. Rewind to the refrigerator aisle decided to give Milo’s a try rather than powdered competitors. Been hooked ever since and no going back. Since trying it I’ve recruited countless friends and family. We can’t keep enough shelf space in refrigerator at home. What sorta bums me out that the nearby Walmart runs out fairly quickly. I just might have to talk to Management for additional shelf space of Milo’s tea. My neighbor recently flew back to Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico. He is a recently bit by the Milo’s tea bug. He’s hoping he can find it at a local Walmart if not he’ll be having his Milo’s tea caffeine withdrawals poor guy. I’m actually considering shipping him some packed in dry ice. Thanks for producing such a delicious outstanding product. Wishing you all many more prosperous years of business! Here is a picture of One last in the wild gallon of Milo’s I was able to snag.