I just have to share this with you!
My 9 yr old granddaughter, Rylan, came to me and asked if I would help her with a lemonade stand this summer. She wanted a way to earn money so she could buy things without having to ask her parents for the money. I agreed to help her. I saw an opportunity to use this as a tool to learn about entrepreneurship, responsibility and the feeling of accomplishment when you put in hard work and enjoy the fruit of your labor at the end of the day. We went right to work looking at
ideas for lemonade stands that we could construct..then choosing paint colors and most importantly,the product and location. I wanted her to think out of the box.The first thing we did is sample various brands of lemonade. Hands down, Milo's was the winner! We liked the fact that it was all natural but the flavor was perfect! I told her that location was just as important to have a successful sale! Yes, we could do this in front of our house but what if we went where there was more foot traffic? This would surely increase her sales. Her Aunt has a salon downtown in our small community and this would be our first location to explore. The next step was to buy our supplies needed for her stand and with the help of her dad, he built the stand once we settled on a design. My granddaughter and her cousin rolled up their sleeves and helped to paint the stand and then we had fun shopping for the decorations. It needed to stand out and be inviting. To increase sales we decided to bake cookies and include them at our stand. We also added a couple other drinks but your Milo's lemonade was going to be the draw.. A few weeks ago we had our first sale and it was a huge success. She made 194.00. People were so generous and loved what she was doing! At the end of the day, she paid her assistant (another cousin) wages for assisting her with the sale. Yesterday was her 2nd lemonade sale and this time we gave free lemonade and cookies to all First Responders that came to visit. They also offered free lemonade to delivery men that were in the area. I am so proud and we plan on continuing our lemonade stand all summer and summers to come. I have quite a few grandchildren and each of them will take a turn and have an opportunity to make a sale. Afterwards,
Rylan will continue to serve up your Milo's lemonade but then she will donate 50% of each sale to a charity of her choice. This has been a great experience for her and I've enjoyed it a great deal. Thank you for making such a great product and I think we will be adding your Tea as well. Its my personal favorite!
Rylans Grandma,
Pamela House