Dear friends at Milo's,

I am Northern raised, Southern by the grace of God (my parents divorced when I was a baby, dad's from KY, Mom's from MI). I have ALWAYS loved Sweet Tea, and can't remember a time I haven't drank it. I raised my kids to love sweet tea, too.

This January, I was diagnosed a Type 2 Diabetic. Talk about a sad day in my world. No more sweets, no more Sweet Tea. I have been keto dieting (which is a bad word to some, but hey, it works for me). I have been hard core craving Sweet Tea and feeling kind of sorry for myself that I couldn't have it (I stopped drinking tea all together, because a Southern girl drinking unsweet tea – even if it's a chai tea- no. Just no). I came across Milo's Zero Calorie Sweet Tea in the store the other day, and thought, "what do I have to lose? I'll give this a whirl." OMG. GAME. CHANGER!! My taste buds were doing the happy dance. My sweet tea lover that had been put in the closet was singing "I've got a golden ticket" and beaming! This is the best! There is no weird aftertaste that you get sometimes when you have a not "sugar" sugar. The tea was perfect!!!! Please please please do not ever stop making this stuff!! This is now a staple in my fridge!!! I am heading right back to Walmart and buying a ton more!! I am so so so happy to have tried this!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!

Your fan for LIFE!