I just wanted to say that this is the best lemonade I've ever had. My kids love it too. I had bought 3 gallons because I was having a birthday party for my daughter. Someone had actually recommended that I buy the sweet tea so I had bought 3 gallons of the sweet tea for her party and when I was at the store I had seen the lemonade and I was looking for lemonade to purchase as well so I had picked that up also. I was just so surprised at how good the lemonade was I just kept going on and on about how great it was and after the party I went and bought more for the house because there really wasn't any left over after the party,LOL. I will continue to buy this because we are lemonade drinkers I used to buy country time and just make that for the house but I prefer this it tastes much better. I'm just so glad that somebody recommended the sweet tea to me because I had never tried that as well. Also my daughter really likes the sweet tea so I should probably mention that as well. So I will also be getting that for her. I like sweet tea as well but unfortunately I can't really drink tea as much as I like it I can't have itBut I love that lemonade and I will continue to drink it hopefully year-roundAnd that way it will keep me off of the Coca-Cola! Lol Because normally that's all I drink. Thanks again for making such great drinks And having them in the gallon containers they were perfect for the party!