Two years ago, my family was forced to have Christmas in a hotel suite rather than my parents home or my sister’s home as we usually do. Rather than the usual Christmas spread, we had to bring in prepared foods to make sandwiches and such. Most of us do not drink carbonated soft drinks and we prefer a homemade ice tea recipe that we have been drinking since we were kids. So for this occasion, the homemade tea wasn’t possible. Someone brought a gallon of Milo’s Sweet Tea. We devoured it within an hour, so two of us took off to find more. We returned with two more gallons to get us through the day. Needless to say, we loved Milo’s Tea. Ever since that day, there has been a gallon of Milo’s Sweet Tea in my refrigerator at all times. Same for my brother, my sister and my mother. We drink it every day. The family tea recipe is now reserved for special occasions only. Milo’s might have been the best gift we got that year.