About 5 years ago I was hung up on McDonald's sweet tea and all of a sudden it kept getting sweeter and sweeter until I could not even stand to smell it. So I went on the look out.I had to have my tea I do not make good tea. The first one I tried was not good. The second tea I drank was Milo's I bought a gallon and had to wait until I got home to try it. It seemed like it was taking forever and at that time I wasn't to far from Walmart. Got home poured me a big glass full
Ohhh i fell in love this tea had McDonald's beat before all the sugar. My brother is a diabetic and he likes the sugar free. Lemon aid is really good also. I am sitting here drinking my last glass now. I will definitely have to get two more gallon tomorrow 😊❤💜 everybody try it you will love it.