My husband and I were at the wedding of his niece, in Wisconsin. Since I am not a coffee drinker, I tried the Sweet Tea and really liked it. Since the plastic cups were so small, I made quite a few trips back for more of the Sweet Tea. After the wedding, I asked the mother of the bride if the Sweet Tea was catered, homemade or where it was from. She said it was Milo's, so I looked it up, when I got home; and there are several stores in our town that sell it. Since I am the only one who drinks tea, in the house, I have gotten the smaller (20 oz) size bottles. I learned that one of our grandsons (age 10) likes sweet tea, so I let him taste some of my Milo's Sweet Tea, which he really liked! I'm having a little trouble finding the 20 oz. size bottles lately, but will continue to look for them. I haven't seen any of the 1/2 gallon sizes locally, only gallons; so I will need to talk to the local store managers about it. I like that Milo's Sweet Tea contains only water, tea and sugar…….no citric acid or other chemicals that make it taste unnatural. Thank you.