My family & I love sweet tea . I used to home brew it but as the kids became teenagers and our lives became more busier , home brewing never worked out. We began trying out teas in gallon size , but in the end we found nothing our big family of 6 all loved together . One day I seen Milos tea and decided to grab it as it wasn’t one we had tried before . We all sampled it and it was a huge hit ! Now in our town Milos is hard to get . Only one gallons are offered at foodlion (a stock of one row which is 4) . So each time we went shopping we always grabbed one if available. Then we seen at Walmart across the street that they carry the smaller bottles (in one small cooler up front) but not the gallons . The small bottles are great for packing lunches for school and work . My family prefers tea over soda so while at Walmart we will buy at least 6 small bottles at a time . With 4 teenagers it doesn’t go far but supply is scare here . So between the two stores we can find gallons and small bottles . We just recently tried the lemonade in the small bottles and it’s great as well. I have been searching for 6 pks or even half and half with the lemonade and tea mixed . For right now I will continue going to both stores to stock up . The tea taste just like home brewed sweetened tea . Milos doesn’t have powdered taste or weird after taste . It’s not overly sweet either . It’s perfect ! Hopefully more becomes available in my town soon!