My wife, my small son, and I lived in Birmingham, AL, in the early 1990's. My wife needed to do some further training at the UAB medical center. I was able to arrange for part of that time to have a sabbatical and for part of the time to alternate residences between Birmingham and the Tennessee college two and half hours away where I taught. It was a great treat to learn about the Milo's eating places–the burgers with the special sauce, the best fries ever, and, of course, the incredible tea. We made Milo's a regular family outing on Sunday evenings, and, of course, I still remember what a treat that was.
I'd still have Milo's on my mind when I got up on Mondays at 4 am to drive back to my work. I couldn't resist drinking the tea, even if we went to Milo's late. After that time span in Birmingham, there was one particular student at my college who was from Birmingham who I regularly asked to bring me a big jug of Milo's every time he went home. Later I was so thrilled when Milo's tea became available in my local supermarket. I grew up drinking a lot of iced tea, and Milo's is my very favorite. I smile literally every time I have a glass.