In 2010, my son and I moved back to Ohio from Knoxville, TN. We always had a couple gallons of Milo’s in the fridge at all times. Well, when we got to Ohio- no Milo’s. My son would always say “I sure miss our sweet tea!” So every trip we took back to Tennessee, we’d bring back at least 4 gallons, which would last about a week and a half. One day, a few years later, I stopped in a little market about 40 miles north of where we live and they had Milo’s! I almost cried… it felt like being back home. Isn’t it funny how a drink or brand can do that? Milo’s does that for us! We love it. Now, we can find Milo’s at just about any grocery store around here, but it still gives me that feeling of being back home. Thank you for what you do!