I first saw Milo’s tea in Kroger about five years ago. I saw that the bottle said “world famous” and i sarcastically said to my mother, “if it’s world famous how come I have never had it?” So she and I decided to each try a bottle. Our world was changed forever! My mom and I both love sweet tea, but we used to argue which was the best. I like my tea sweet. She likes her tea strong. When it comes to Milo’s, we can both agree it is the best combination of sweet and strong. Just last summer I got a golden doodle puppy. I named him Milo after my family’s favorite tea, and we have been known for it since. We even let Milo taste test, and he LOVES it! I am so thankful to have both my Milo and my Milo’s. They remind me what I love about this life.