I remember the first time I tried Milo’s. My mom and I were at the Southern Women’s Show in Orlando. We walked by the big ol’ van and here a guy talking about how it was the best tea around! I said I hate bottled tea because it always tastes like lemon! He said not ours, try it for yourself! Well Wally made a believer out of me! We left that show and headed to our Walmart to find some to bring home! Every year we looked forward to seeing Wally and Linda and sharing our appreciation and my growing family. Both of my kids get so excited to drink from mommy’s cup because there is always Milo’s inside! I even went home one year and looked for a position with Milo’s to share my love! I loved being a demonstrator for over a year before starting my own business! While I miss those days I still love sharing my love of Milo’s with all I meet!