My husband grew up in the south where sweet tea is on the table all. the. time. When our children were younger I would make it but it just wasn’t the same, because up north we make ‘iced tea w/lemon’. My husband’s love for me ran deep and for years I tried to get it right. We thoroughly enjoyed our visits to family throughout the year for obvious reasons, including the coveted pitcher of sweet tea on the table.
Just a few months ago Milo’s label caught my eye in the cooler. I immediately grabbed not 1, but 2 gallons. It was a hot Wisconsin Saturday afternoon and I watched my husband grab a large Yeti cup, fill it with ice and snap the cover off the gallon of sweet tea. After chugging for a bit he looked over and said, “I love me some sweet tea! This is delicious. Why haven’t you been buying this?” Uhm? I had no answer. My grocery cart has 2 gallons in it every week now. Thanks for making such a wonderful product that takes my husband right back to where he grew up and fantastic memories!