I have moved from Indiana to the South back in the 70's. Well I have to tell you living in Florida the deep south you grown to just love sweet iced tea with or without lemon. It was just the easiest drink to make or have in your household. I grew up on Lipton, and thought this tea is just the best, Than I tried Mcdonalds sweet tea and swore hands down they have the best sweet tea ever. Of course someone told me about Publix's sweet tea had to tried it and switched to them, you know because I have to have my sweet tea daily fix right. Well not longer after tried Chick-fil-a's sweet tea and that was it they won me over and I could buy it in the gallon so that was my tea. Until I went to my local Walmart here in Orange Park and meet a really nice man doing demo samples of this sweet tea product. I was like well I love tea and tried it and he was telling me the history and the process of the tea and how long it's been around and everything about the product, so I was like ok well that's a lot of information and I was just thirsty and wanted something cold to drink because in the summer time here in Florida and really hot and humid hot and it again I just wanted something to wet my whistle. Well I tried the sweet tea sample and I was like well that's pretty tasty and I said I need to grab a couple more well than I tried the half/half sweet tea and lemonade and I was like wait a minute. Why hasn't anybody ever mentioned this tea to me. It was a life changing moment that hot summer day. I put 3 gallons of sweet tea in my cart that a sweet tea, a lemonade and a half/half, that's right I sure did and than I asked the nice I said you just don't know what you did to me I than told him my story and he was wow. So yes I tell everyone that this is the tea, now all my family buys it and really close friends. This is best tea by far hands down ever made. Now I can see why you have been around so long because this product is the best tea ever! It's my only tea in the fridge, its the only tea I take to parties, birthday's, the beach anywhere including when I go on vacation. Thank you Milo's for the best tasting tea around I am forever greatful and a very happy customer for life!!