I didnt feel like making my own sweet tea one weekend for our lunch and looked at the other competitors label and remembered the sour taste the last time I had it and then there was Milo's with its simple logo, the little green leaf, 3 ingredients and I just knew this is what I was looking for. After trying a jug we were "addicted" my husband won't let me make sweet tea anymore. We are known at all family & friend functions to be bringing the Milo's tea. We lived out of town for awhile and had to bring it with us for our family when we visit (honestly I think they had us "visit" for the Milo's tea not to see us) it was a relief when my mom store got Milo's products. We now drink so much of Milo's sweet tea that we have no less than 4 maybe up to 7 jugs of Milo's tea at any given time. Even my neighbors will come over with an empty cup asking for a glass of "that sweet tea" sorry I don't have any cute photos with Milo's it does last long enough around here! I do have fridge pics that won't upload..