I met both Milo’s and the love of my life while in training as a medic in the Air Force. While in Fort Sam Houston, I met a beautiful girl from Alabama, Josi. She was quick to notice I brought a big cup of tea to class everyday and was equally quick to inform me that there was a much better tea out there, Milo’s. Our first time spent together outside of class hours were spent walking to the base commissary looking for Milo’s tea. We couldn’t find any, and because of Covid, we were unable to leave base. A month or so went by and we were separated for the next phase of training, myself going to Ohio and Josi going to Florida. Although I couldn’t see Josi for a while I was finally able to get off a military base and get to a local Walmart to buy my first gallon of Milo’s sweet tea. When I got back to my room and took that first sip I knew there was no better tea out there and that everything I had been drinking before was a lie. Water, Sugar, Tea.. that’s all it takes, and Milo’s absolutely nailed it. Although I couldn’t be with Josi everyday, Milo’s tea made me feel closer than I actually was. Several months later and many gallons of Milo’s tea (and lemonade) later, I found myself landing in Birmingham’s airport getting to see Josi again and getting my first chance to get some fresh Milo’s. Today I am sure that Alabama is home to my two favorite things, the woman I love, and the tea that I love almost as much hahaha!