I love iced tea, that is my mother's fault. When I was much younger, as soon as Summer popped along, mom would get out her tea brewer and brew up tea for putting ice in it so as the ice would melt, you would still be able to enjoy the tea.

As time progressed and I was on my own, I still did tea the way mom did, however, I could not do that at work so I would but gallon jugs of the ready made tea to get us by at work.

This continued for years until I just gave a try to Milo's Tea. Oh my God!!! As soon as I took the cap off I could actually smell the tea in it. It was not like the other teas I had been purchasing which were almost tasteless and you could only tell they were tea by their color. Your tea was amazing! It smelled like tea, it looked like tea and best of all…it tasted like tea.

This was a HUGE mistake because now everyone wants the Milo's Tea and not the old stuff. Thanks for making a really quality product! Kudo's to you all!! Be well!