So my Milos moment is actually my dads, Dale Henceroth . He is the biggest Milos fan you'll ever meet – and I'm sure everyone says this but he's the real deal. He has been drinking Milos for YEARS, before it was available in the Midwest. He travels a lot for work and would always stock up during his trips to Mississippi. Now he makes special trips to the further Walmart in the area to get the bottles that he likes. Not only that, but he is one of your biggest (unpaid) salesmen. Anytime he sees someone or meets someone new, "hey do you want a Milos?" and if they've never had one before (GASP) "well this is the best sweet tea you'll ever have" and he's always sure to share. This man has been through a lot in the past year. We lost our mom, his wife, and he also battled and conquered prostate cancer. The hardest part of his recovery was the 2 weeks when he couldn't drink anything but water. He's all healed up and back to the Milos all day, every day now. He's the hardest working and most amazing man I have ever met, even though I'm a little biased. I want to do something really special for him for fathers day this year, and I'm hoping Milos can help me with that. Sure, we could make our own certificate saying "biggest fan" or something like that, but having something from you guys would mean the world to him. Thanks for keeping my dad energized and hydrated, and always in good spirits.