The amount of nostalgia a jug of Milo beholds will always bring me a sense of comfort with every sip! Growing up, I would spend my summers camping with my bestie. And thus, I was introduced to Milo's by her family. I remember not liking the sweet tea I'd normally find at my local store, but Milo's was so much more different! Whether we were hiking, camping, or cooking, we always had a jug of Milo's in the cooler tagging along! Years have passed since we last went on a camping trip and I remember asking myself, "what was that good sweet tea from when I was little?" I immediately recognized the logo and packaging at my local supermarket and I was ecstatic! Though I live in the south and we're known for making delicious sweet tea, I'll admit, Milo's surely beat mine! The perfect balance of sweetness, tea flavor, and to top it off with great ingredients, almost nothing beats it. To this day, I always remind my Moma to grab two Milo jugs because before you know it, the first is already gone!