I got the music industry in Nashville hooked on Milo's! I used to host the 3rd Sunday at 3 in Nashville, with about 100 songwriters coming to the monthly events for 112 straight months.
I also hosted Guitar BQs for 7u years with 600 songwriters and music industry showing up. Milo's was the official tea for several years, every month sampling with those bottles of Milo's tea from 2003-2012.
I even hooked the Nashville distributor up with a company that works with the CMA Awards and CMT Awards that gives the distributor tx in exchange for Milo's tea that is backstage in the event production room for the meals.
I am responsable for the tea sales in the Nashville Music Industry. 8)
First ones were free then they had to buy them in the stores – they are hooked on Milo's!! I now live in NC and still buy Milo's! You can send a check with it for getting the music industry addicted to Milo's! 8) THANK YOU and THANK YOU MILO's!