I'm a good 'ole southern sweet tea girl. I grew up on nothing but Lipton loose tea that my Mom made. After I got married, I still used Lipton & made it myself. But a co-worker of mine had a bottle of Milo's in the refrigerator and asked me if I had ever had any. I said "No. I'm a Lipton tea girl." I'm finicky about sweet tea. I've tried other kinds/brands and wasn't impressed. She told me to try just a little. I did and that's all it took! No more Lipton in this house. I've got my husband & son hooked on it now too. We buy 1-2 gallons a week and I buy several bottles a week to put in my refrigerator at work. It is so good! Just the perfect recipe! Keep on turning out this delicious sweet tea Milo's! I'd love to win the t-shirt for advertisement of your wonderful product. Thanks!