We were on our way to S.W. Georgia to visit our best friends, when we stopped at a little Ma & Pa Convenient store alongside the road in Alabama. We had never heard of MILO'S, so we picked up a gallon of MILO'S Sweet Tea for the rest of the trip. We LOVED it! Needless to say, we picked up a couple more when we arrived at our destination.

So on the way home, we picked up 2 more gallons, knowing that we didn't have MILO'S back home in Central Illinois…. Soooooo we had a brand new HyVee store open up, and on their Facebook page, they asked what customers wanted to see available in their new store! So we submitted a request for them to carry MILO'S, and soon after, we received a PM from HyVee letting us know that our yummy MILO's was now available at our local HyVee!!!!

And that is our story!!!