Being from New York I admit that sweet tea for me was iced tea with a couple of spoons of sugar in it. I have family in the South who I had not seen in a very long time although we kept in contact. They decided to have a family reunion and I wanted to go so they could meet my family. The food was amazing with plenty of delicious Southern foods. They asked us if we would like some sweet tea and of course we said yes. They brought over 2 glasses of ice cold sweet tea. We thanked them and put the glasses on the table. We sat there for about 20 minutes holding them. My cousin came over and asked us if something was wrong with the tea. We said no but we could not find any sugar. He then explained that the tea was already sweet. I think we probably turned about 4 shades of red!After drinking it we discovered that it was the best sweet tea we have ever had!