Back in 2003,my brother and I traveled from Los Angeles to Auburn, AL for a college football game. We went to the local market and got lawn chairs, a disposable ice chest and lunch fixings, and decided to try Milo's Sweet Tea at the suggestion of an employee. We enjoyed the day, won the game, and LOVED the sweet tea! We carried some with us for the remainder of our stay. When we got back to LA, I called corporate to ask where the product was sold in California (I would have driven all over the state to get some!). At the time, Walmart had not yet arrived in Southern California. They took my name and address. About 2 weeks later, we get a box by FedEx, with 4 1-gallon jugs!! We were floored and ecstatic!! I quickly called to thank them. We drank the first 3 gallons with reckless abandon. We limited the kids, because we were selfish, and heck, they didn't appreciate it! The last gallon, we rationed it out by the ounce, to make it last as long as we could. We had a little final drink ceremony as we finished the last of the tea, laughing the whole time. After that, I kept an eye out in every store I went to. I did find it while on vacation in NM, and introduced it to my cousins. Finally, years later, Walmart came to Los Angeles, and with it, Milo's Sweet Tea! I was a very happy girl. It's a staple in my refrigerator now. This week, I'm helping a friend by staying with her disabled husband while she takes a few days break. He had another brand of sweet tea on the shopping list. I said, "I have something better!". He's now hooked! I continue to sing the praises of Milo's Sweet Tea to anyone who needs to know!