My wife and I first learned about and tried Milo's when we moved to Atlanta for a job I was offered in 2016. We moved from Denver and none of the stores out west had Milo's at the time. From the first gallon of Sweet Tea we bought at Kroger we fell in love with it. It just tasted so much better than other sweet teas like Brisk or Arizona. Every time we went to Kroger or Walmart in Atlanta we would buy Milo's. Our favorite was the Sweet Tea but I myself loved the Lemonade and Sweet Tea Lemonade too. In 2017 I unfortunately ended up losing my job and we moved back to Denver. Shortly after moving back, Walmart in the Denver area started carrying the Sweet Tea. We were so happy that we could still get it. Over the years we would go to Walmart to get the Sweet Tea. 2 years ago Walmart in the Denver area started carrying the Lemonade. This was a happy moment for me. Things got even better! In early 2021 King Soopers and Safeway in Denver started carrying the Sweet Tea. This ment that we could buy it anywhere groceries could be purchased in the Denver area. It has now been over 5 years since we first had Milo's Sweet Tea in Atlanta and now we buy at least 3 gallons of it a month. We ❤Milo's in Colorado!

PS: Please bring the Sweet Tea Lemonade to Colorado grocery stores.