During the huge snowstorm that hit the south this past February, my husband and I had a great idea. We always have Milo's in our fridge (I'm addicted), and I bundled up in what snow clothes I had (which, let's be honest, consists of three shirts and two pants layered on top of each other and a pair of thick socks for gloves since it only snows once every few years here) and braved the cold outside so I could fill a nice tall glass full of fresh snow. When I came inside and changed back into my cozy pj's, I pulled out my Milo's jug out of the fridge and made Milo's slushies using the fresh snow! We don't have one of those Milo's slushy machines near us (I can only dream) but I imagine this was just as good! Thank you Milo's. Yall have been with me through my wedding, every break at work I've ever had, both my pregnancies, and now through the snowpocalypse of 2021. Much love!