First let me start out by saying thank you Milo’s for making such a awesome product! Thank you for all the employees you employe to help support their family financially. Thank You for the TV commercials, what a great message.
I tried your tea at a friend’s house one day and enjoyed it tremendously. I just wanted to say I am diabetic and had to search many stores for the unsweetened tea because we all know that the sweet tea is the big seller. The stores didn’t stock at lot of unsweetened tea. So we asked some of our local stores to stock more of the Milo’s unsweetened tea and they did. I have at least 3 to 4 gallons in my refrigerator at all times. Being diabetic you are limited to what you can drink and your tea has the best flavor I have come across. Thank you Milo’s company for producing something that make my life more enjoyable!