Hi.. my story is quite simple. I would love to win one of these shirts for my husband Larry. He has to be if not the biggest, then one of the biggest Milo fans ever. We purchase approx. 12 gallons of Milos per week. This is no joke. He carries a gallon to work with him everyday, and drinks in continously while at home. He even has our 5 yr old asking for Milos instead of soda or juice..He is an incredible man, has raised my daughter as his own since she was 6 and is now raising our friends nephew, Ayden is his name as his/our own. He works hard to take care of us and does without often. He would proudly wear this shirt, and I swear he deserves it more than you can possibly imagine. Thank you for this opportunity to win one for him and thank you for making the best tea ever. Have a blessed day to all of you.