Racial Justice

In general, Milo’s does not comment on political or religious issues. However, we fundamentally believe that racial injustice is first and foremost a human rights issue, and on that basis, we unequivocally affirm that Black lives matter.

During this time of unprecedented social discourse, we want our fans to know that at Milo’s, we invest in and celebrate diversity and inclusion.

  • Nearly half of our employees are minorities
  • We are a Certified Women-Owned Business

While this reflects our commitment to encourage diversity and inclusion, we recognize that we can always do more. Our leadership team recently signed the Birmingham Pledge and has encouraged the broader team to also affirm these principles. We also recently formed an internal Anti-Racism TEAm specifically for the purpose of:

  • identifying, understanding and dismantling racism
  • advocating for healthy, anti-racist change
  • educating the organization on personal and structural racism
  • helping ensure that Milo’s continues to evolve as an anti-racist organization

We encourage our fans to embrace similar efforts as they see opportunity to hasten societal reforms toward justice and equality.