This is kind of lengthy, bare with me, it’s worth it.
I am a married mom of 3 beautiful kids, our youngest a 4 year old girl, who is medically fragile. She is supposed to have 24/7 nursing coverage at home (she usually spends 4-6 months inpatient every year, we actually just got home from a 60 day stay last week), but with the National nursing shortage, we do not. My husband and I switch out every night at 1 am, because of her conditions, us falling asleep, means we could miss a sign of distress and she could die. That being said, I drink Milo’s Sweet Tea about 20 hours a day. It’s delicious, it helps keep me awake, and alert, and I’m pretty sure my blood to sweet tea content, is just about equal. 😉 We buy by the gallon when our youngest is home, and take the smaller bottles to the hospital when she is inpatient. I bet you didn’t know your tea was helping to keep someone alive, did you?!
Thank you Milo’s for keeping me going!